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Paul offers a comprehensive plumbing, heating and drainage to the residents of Cheltenham & Gloucester. No job is either too big or too large. Paul is Gas Safe registered and can install and repair natural gas boilers, fires and cookers.

Emergency plumbers Cheltenham can be difficult to find. Paul will endeavour to attend every plumbing emergency within 90 minutes no matter the time of day or night.

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Established 5 years ago Paul’s Plumbing has hundreds of satisfied customers. Many plumbers in Cheltenham only want the larger more profitable plumbing jobs such as central heating system installations or bathroom installations. If you have a small plumbing job such as a dripping tap or a leaking toilet you can rely on Paul’s Plumbing.

At Paul’s Plumbing we make a point of keeping our vans very well stocked with many commonly used plumbing components. We do this so that when we attend any plumbing call out we have a very high probability of being able to affect a permanent plumbing repair without having to leave site. Most plumbing repairs a completed in around an hour. We therefore save the customer money.

24 Hour Emergency Plumbers Cheltenham

Paul’s plumbing do not charge a call out fee. Even if you have a plumbing emergency 11pm on a Saturday night.

Plumbers Cheltenham 24 Hour Hotline 01242 500000

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Power Flushing

Are your central heating radiators only luke warm at the top? Are the bottom of your radiators stone cold? If so your central heating system could benefit from a power flush.  Over time corrosion can deposit a form of rust called magnetite inside your central heating system radiators and pipe work. This can harm your central heating pump and motorised valves. It can also damage your other valves and may also harm your boiler. The sludge build up in your central heating system will severely affect its overall efficiency costing you money.  

By power flushing your central heating system you can help restore its efficiency reducing your gas bill.  A power flush is a relatively simple procedure and is generally completed with a day.  A system cleanser is added to your central heating system. The system is then heated to allow the cleanser to work. All but one of your radiators will then be turned off. That radiator is then agitated to allow the sludge to pumped from it. This is repeated until every radiator in the property has been cleaned. If your radiator valves are very old they may begin to leak when operated. Obviously the faulty radiator valves will need to be replaced. Once the system has been thoroughly cleaned we fit an inline magnetic  filter which will collect the magnetite whilst the central heating system is in use. The inline magnetic filter should be emptied once a year with your boiler service.  

If you think your system requires a power flush then call Paul to book an appointment for a free assessment of your central heating system.

Plumbing System Health Check

Have you every had any body assess the general health of your homes plumbing system?  For a small fee Paul’s Plumbing will assess your plumbing system for faults and its general condition. Identifying a small fault now could prevent costly repairs later on.

For instance have you actually checked to see if the water tanks in your loft are adequately insulated? Are the tank ball float valves free from corrosion and debris? Are the tank over flows pipes securely attached to the tanks? Often they are not?

If you are on a water meter a constantly dripping tap could be costing you a small fortune during the course of a year. A dripping tap can loose thousands of litres of water a month. All for the sake of a small rubber washer.

Of course we can only identify faults or potential improvements. It is entirely up to you wether you would like to action the repairs or improvements.

If you would like to book a Plumbing system health check the call us on 01242 500000

Plumbers Cheltenham Blog

We have just introduced a plumbing blog to our website. We will be reviewing tools and plumbing components. We will also share with you any interesting photos we take.

If that’s not all we will be adding plumbing hints and tips videos.  If you fancy trying your hand doing some simple plumbing repairs you might want to check out our videos first.  If you have any plumbing techniques explain don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us know.

Boiler Repairs & Servicing

Paul’s Plumbing is Gas Safe registered and can install, service & repair all makes and models of domestic gas boilers. We service boilers both new and old.  If you have a boiler breakdown call us. We pride ourselves on our honest conduct. If we suspect you will get a cheaper boiler repair from the manufacturer of your boiler we will inform you. We don’t know of any other company that is that honest.

Here at Paul’s Plumbing we strongly recommend that a carbon monoxide detector is installed in every room that there is a gas appliance installed. Carbon monoxide detectors are now extremely cheap. Brand name carbon monoxide detectors often have a life of 7 years or even longer.  We can supply and fit an electronic carbon monoxide detector in your home for the special price of only £39.99p  Why not ask us to install a smoke alarm too?

Our Promise To You

Paul’s Plumbing aims to provide a polite, punctual and professional plumbing service to all of our customers. We aim to provide high quality plumbing works along with unrivalled customer service.  Our plumbers are always clean and well presented. Our plumbers always offer to remove their foot ware or don boot coverings before entering your home.  With no exceptions the place of work is always left as clean or cleaner than when our plumbers first arrived.  All of our plumbing work is guaranteed. We would like our customers to return and recommend us by word of mouth. If you can suggest any improvements we can make to streamline or enhance our plumbing service we would be glad to hear of them.